Greetings Friend,

It is my prayer that you are blessed and in hopeful expectation of great things from the Hand of the Lord. As the River of God continues to move across the face of the earth, may His outpouring flood your innermost being until it overflows and with breakthroughs and blessings into your life.

As Christians, we have been commissioned to “GO INTO ALL THE WORLD” and preach the Gospel and lead people to Jesus. I believe that we, as a Body, need to work together to see the lost of this world come to Christ. We need to work together to see the Church rise up in this hour and be the Light in the darkness of this generation. It is our prayer that God would use this radio ministry to encourage, comfort and unite the Body of Christ, as well as reach the lost with His message of Hope.

HOPE RADIO is a Long Island-based radio station that offers its listeners Christ-centered programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We carry many of the national ministries you have come to know and love, as well as provide local radio programming from the New York area ministries. HOPE RADIO produces a number of original programs and specials and “LIVE” events to help round out a quality program schedule. Today we live in an hour where our society is being seduced by the media and the agendas of many, from government to celebrities, to adopt lifestyles that are grossly immoral and destructive, all in the name of “free speech” and “tolerance”. Meanwhile, the Body of Christ is labeled as being “fanatical”, “bigoted” and out of touch with reality. Something has to change.

The harvest is truly great and the Lord is preparing a people in this hour to radically turn this world “upside down” and I believe that radio is a powerful tool in His Hand to accomplish this work. Please consider joining us in this effort as we seek to reach all of Long Island and New York for the Glory of God!

I believe that we are standing on the shoreline, spiritually, awaiting the wave of God’s Revival to reach the shore, as His River rages on. Please pray about becoming a “conduit” into which this River will flow and bring life to the thirsty souls of New York.

Richard Anderson
Senior Pastor, Holding Out Hope Church