Physics of the Human Body (Biological and Medical Physics, by Irving P. Herman

By Irving P. Herman

Richard P. McCall's interesting ebook explains how simple innovations of physics observe to the basic actions and responses of the human physique, a veritable physics laboratory.

Blood pumping via our veins is a crucial instance of Poiseuille circulate; the act of operating calls for friction to propel the runner ahead; and the standard of our eyesight demonstrates how homes of sunshine allow us to right close to- and far-sightedness.

Each bankruptcy discusses a primary physics notion and relates it to the anatomy and body structure of appropriate components of the physique. subject matters contain movement, fluids and strain, temperature and warmth, speech and listening to, electric behaviors, optics, organic results of radiation, and drug concentrations. transparent and compelling, with a restricted volume of math, McCall's descriptions let readers of all degrees to understand the physics of the human physique.

Physics of the Human physique can assist curious highschool scholars, undergraduates with scientific aspirations, and working towards doctors comprehend extra concerning the underlying physics rules of the human physique.

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418. 27. What percentage of body mass is fat, skin, the skeleton, blood, liver, the brain, the lungs, heart, kidneys, and eyes? 28. 11 to determine the mass density of blood, skin, the lungs, the air in the lungs, fat, liver, hair, eyes, and blood vessels. 29. In modeling heat loss in Chap. 234 m diameter. 1 g/cm3 , what is the mass (in kg) and weight (in N and lb) of this man? 30. 1 g/cm3 , find the man’s volume. (b) If this man is modeled as a sphere, find his radius and diameter. 72 m high, and is modeled as a right circular cylinder, find the radius and diameter of this cylinder.

3 Statics in the Body 51 Fig. 13. Anterior view of right femur. (From [65]) leg. This is actually a good model for determining these forces during slow walking. The upper and lower leg and the foot are treated as a rigid body. This problem is solved in two steps. First, the forces in the whole body are analyzed and then the rigid leg is treated as a free rigid body, whose only interaction with the rest of the body will be the normal force from the hip [65, 85]. The bones in the leg are shown in Figs.

31). 3) where within S the units of H are m and those of mb are kg. 0). It is often considered the best index for epidemiological studies. 0. 5) Women: Normal or ideal body fat is 14–20% in men and 21–27% in women. Not coincidentally, mortality increases as this index Q increases. Some properties do not scale with mass. From mouse to elephant, a mass range of over 10,000, the maximum jumping height (of the center of mass) of most every mammal is within a factor of 2 of 2/3 m. Similarly, the maximum running speed of most mammals is within a factor of 2 of 7 m/s (15 mph).

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