Paleoneurology 1804–1966: An Annotated Bibliography by Dr. Tilly Edinger (auth.)

By Dr. Tilly Edinger (auth.)

Dr. Tilly Edinger's first released paper handled a mind cast-in extra distinctive phrases an endocast of the cranial cavity-of Noth08auru8, a Triassic relative of the plesiosaurs. With this she launched into a operating life of devotion to paleoneurology, a box of analysis that she was once to rework. A daughter of the recognized neurologist Ludwig Edinger, it used to be acceptable in addition to lucky that her early curiosity in fossil vertebrates must have develop into concentrated upon the restoration of such info about the heritage of the important fearful approach as will be got from fossil fabric. Her father obviously had no direct impact upon her selection of· this then vague and hard topic, even supposing in the family members circle she most likely absorbed from him a few appreciation of neoneurology. not directly, even if, via his accumulation in Frankfurt of an excellent number of fresh brains, he supplied the comparative fabric necessary to her experiences throughout the years she spent there. Early in her profession she released Die FOBsilen Gehirne (1929). the following used to be accumulated jointly for the 1st time approximately the entire largely scattered details at the subject. It had an instantaneous impression. As one writer justly remarked, this "invaluable assessment . . . serves not just as a foundation for carrying on with and systematizing learn on mind casts but additionally as a sign of the more severe gaps in current wisdom" (Simpson, 1933). The bibliography appended to it indexed 250 titles. A bibliography she released in 1937 integrated one hundred sixty extra titles.

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559). smooth) cerebral hemispheres, which leave the olfactory lobes and the cerebellum exposed", and refers to the brain throughout (as pp. 509, 513). Ooryphodon, fig. 441-442, pI. LVIIb, fs. 2, 2a-d; Meaodeetea, p. 803, pI. LXII, fs. 42, 42a, 42c; Isehyromys, p. 835, pI. 873-874, pI. LXVII, f. 917, pI. LXVIII, £S. 5, 6: text states only that brain is relatively as large as Oanis latrana; Hoplophoneus eerebralis, p. 997, pI. LXXVa, fs. 3-5: "Brain is relatively more ample than in any other feline of the formation, and the ...

V, f. 36). 35--36 Dart, R. : Further information about how Australopithecus made bone tools and utensils. S. Afr. J. Sci. 1)7,127-134 (1961). A "saucer-like" interior of an antelope skull is so photographed (fig. e. : The descent of man and selection in relation to sex. I. London 1871. At present "there exists in man some close relation between the size of the brain and the development of the intellectual faculties ... Nevertheless it must be admitted that some skulls of very high antiquity, such as the famous one of Neanderthal, are well developed and capacious.

Recherches sur les ossemens fossiles ... Nouv. ed. 3 and 5. 1822-1824. The text and figures reprinted from first edition (but the Pal. med. brain specimen now assigned to Anoplotherium commune, p. 44); likewise in 3rd. , 5, 18351836. The sphenoid of Ichthyo8aurus shows distinctly "the region that lodged the pituitary gland. Its bottom is pierced by a canal which runs obliquely backwards and opens on the lower surface of the bone with one or two foramina (vol. 5, pI. II, p. 460, pI. XXIX, f. : Urwelt, Sage und Menschheit.

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