Overcoming AIDS and other incurable diseases. The Attunitive by Ann Wigmore

By Ann Wigmore

Tuning into nature's therapeutic energy inside ourselves.

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Believing and trusting in your bodies ability to heal itself will speed up the healing process. Everything is in the bloodstream and goes through your electrical system, it either works or does not work. If there is one part that is impaired the whole system becomes unbalanced thus the deficient or toxic organ that is weakest is affected first. We need to be in tune with nature our creator, and what better way to do this then by growing and preparing our own life giving nourishment. As we heal ourselves and improve ourselves we are contributing to the betterment of mankind and the world in which we all live.

ANSWER: Gum disease generally leads to tooth problems, and overall weakening of the body. You yourself have to correct your condition by making a dietary change. It will not go away unless you make changes in I have been asked whether or not one should use wheatgrass on the scalp. This is an excellent idea! The best method would be to use the juice (as opposed to the pulp) directly on the scalp. However, keep in mind that what you apply externally to the scalp is not as important as the internal nourishment, optimally provided by living foods.

Strengthens your own inner connection with the universe and your purpose on this planet. Inner growth and unfoldment is inevitable, for as nature grows so must we. If we trust in nature as our strength and as our guide, we will branch upwards, like seeds, flowers, grains, fruits, vegetables, towards the sun creating and renewing our lives. As we let go of the old patterns we have created in our lives and allow the new to enter. * Increases capacity to relax for more enjoyment * Allows you to overcome stress and fear naturally * Saves time in preparing meals Next, I will share with you a plan of action that will assist any individual suffering from AIDS or any degenerative illness in overcoming their weakness.

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