On the Origin of Tepees by Jonnie Hughes

By Jonnie Hughes

All through historical past, we people have prided ourselves on our potential to have rules, yet possibly this satisfaction is lost. might be rules have us. during this booklet, technology author and documentary filmmaker Jonnie Hughes investigates the evolution of rules, looking at how they appear to have lives in their personal. Adopting the position of a cultural Charles Darwin, Hughes travels around the Midwest along with his brother to watch firsthand the average background of ideas--the styles in their version, inheritance, and choice within the cultural panorama. as opposed to Darwin's oceanic islands, Hughes visits the "mind islands" of local American tribes. rather than finches, Hughes searches for indicators of usual choice one of the tepees. With a knack for locating the humor within the quirks of the yank cultural panorama, Hughes takes us on a travel from the Mall of the United States in Minneapolis to what he calls the "maul" of America--Custer's final stand--stopping at roadsides and discoursing on sandwiches, the form of cowboy hats, the evolution of barn roofs, and extra. unique, witty, and fascinating, "On the starting place of Tepees "offers a clean method of realizing either our principles and ourselves.

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