Neurosteroids and Brain Function by Giovanni Biggio, Robert H. Purdy, Ronald J. Bradley, R.

By Giovanni Biggio, Robert H. Purdy, Ronald J. Bradley, R. Adron Harris PhD, Peter Jenner

International evaluate of Neurobiology, quantity forty six provides in-depth stories on such ground-breaking themes as meeting and intracellular trafficking of GABA A receptors, D-1 dopamine receptors, and Alzheimer's disorder. This sequence bargains the main entire and updated info on hand and is a needs to for a person within the box. incorporates a old assessment of neurosteroid learn incorporates a bankruptcy on neurosteroid biosynthesis and law offers present equipment of neurosteroid size and research Discusses neurosteroid functionality in either the traditional and the pathological mind Chapters handle the functionality of neurosteroid in: pressure Receptor plasticity and serve as studying and reminiscence Alcohol use melancholy

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Regulation of Neurosteroidogenic Enzymes A. P450scc B. P450c17 C. 3βHSD V. Conclusion References The brain, like the gonads, adrenal glands, and placenta, is a steroidogenic organ. The steroids synthesized by the brain and by the nervous system, given the name neurosteroids, have a wide variety of diverse functions. In general, they mediate their actions not through classic steroid hormone nuclear receptors but through ion-gated neurotransmitter receptors. This chapter summarizes the biochemistry of the enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of neurosteroids, their localization during development and in adulthood, and the regulation of their expression, highlighting both similarities and differences between expression in the brain and in classic steroidogenic tissues.

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