Nerves, Muscles, and Electricity: An Introductory Manual of by George Camougis

By George Camougis

For centuries guy knew in regards to the lightning of the sky (atmospheric or actual electrical energy) and the numbing results from touch with robust electrical fishes (animal electricity). Then, after right experimentation and an artificial ration­ ale, it all started to seem that actual and animal electrical energy have been similar in primary respects. This recognition was once made on the finish of the eighteenth century, considering whilst the pages of historical past were replete with interesting dis­ coveries and advancements in electrical energy and magnetism, electrochemistry, and electrophysiology. it's was hoping that this guide will permit a few scholars to relive a few of that pleasure. the writer recalls vividly the thrill whilst, as an undergraduate, he observed his first motion capability. This booklet isn't meant for any specific staff of scholars; it may turn out to be of a few price to scholars in secondary faculties, schools, and gradu­ ate faculties. in accordance with own adventure, the writer feels that many lecturers also will locate it of use. neither is the guide meant completely as a laboratory guide for an introductory path in neurophysiology. the various experiments should be brought into the formallaboratory agenda of basic or animal body structure classes. then again, many of the experiments may possibly give you the bases for the start of certain tasks lasting for an entire semester or perhaps longer.

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Consult a standard textbook for a discussion on nerve action potentials. Brazier (1960) and Florey (1966) also have excellent accounts of action potentials in peripheral nerve. Hodgkin (1964), Katz (1966), and Tasaki (1968) give somewhat more advanced discussions of the mechanisms underlying the nerve impulse. Camougis and Takman (in press) discuss methods for testing local anesthetics on nerve tissue. Chapter Seven Notes on the Analysis and Interpretation of Electrical Signals One of the biggest problems encountered by investigators who are beginners in electrophysiology is the interpretation of results.

Diagram of a technique to record the EKG from a frog. The active electrode is on the exposed heart while the indifferent electrode is on abdominal body wall tissue. Bioelectrical Action Potentials 47 the actions of tincture of digitalis, adrenaline, and acetylcholine on the heart. Determine which concentrations, routes of administration, and on which species these drugs are active. ) By placing the needle electrodes on different limb combinations in the rat, convince yourself that the electrical currents associated with the EKG flow throughout the volume conductor of the three-dimensional animal body.

Find the frequency at which high frequency failure occurs in your nerve preparation. 3 on<:: '"... 8 Duration in msec FIG. 19. Strength-duration curve of actual data from an isolated sciatic-peroneal nerve preparation from a frog. The propagated action potential has adefinite conduction velocity which can be measured without great difficulty. The formula for average velocity is d v=t where v= average velocity, d= distance, and t= time. In our case distance is the value for the nerve length between the cathode stimulus electrode and the first recording electrode.

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