Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics - Revised and Updated : by John McKenna

By John McKenna

A completely revised and up to date variation of the overseas bestseller choices to Antibiotics during which Dr John McKenna explains in basic, jargon-free language the diversity of traditional choices to antibiotics in treating infections.

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Through our misuse of antibiotics, we humans have ensured the development of plasmids and their continued importance. The main function of plasmids is to prevent bacteria from being killed by antibiotics. Plasmids were unknown until the 1970s when resistance became a major problem. Plasmids rang the death knell of penicillin and warned of what was to come. A unique characteristic of plasmids is the fact that they can be transferred from one bacterial cell to another, and from one species of bacterium to another.

However, I have chosen to keep the case histories simple so that they do not overshadow my purpose in writing—to illustrate the value of the different forms of alternative medicine in treating infections. 1 The History of Antibiotics ‘The gold rush’ From early times to the nineteenth century The earliest evidence of humans using plants, or other natural substances, for therapeutic use comes from the Neanderthal period over 50,000 years ago. 1 Many of these herbs are still used by the inhabitants of this region today.

The fluoro-quinolones are often used where long courses of antibiotics (weeks to months) are required. A whole range is now available and these are proving effective against bacteria that were once difficult to treat, such as the leprosy bacteria. The future The search for new and more effective drugs, which began with Florey, Chain and Selman Waksman, continues today. The pace, however, has slowed remarkably as it is now much more difficult for pharmaceutical companies to get approval for new drugs.

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