Modelling nutrient utilization in farm animals by John P McNamara, James France

By John P McNamara, James France

This publication describes present learn in modeling nutrient use in cattle, from mobile to environment point. The chapters are constructed from papers offered at a satellite tv for pc assembly of the ninth foreign Symposium on Ruminant body structure, held in South Africa in October 1999.

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Therefore, in the model it is assumed that LCFA inhibit the growth of fibrolytic bacteria and of protozoa, but not that of amylolytic bacteria. With respect to the fibrolytic bacteria, unsaturated LCFA (but not saturated LCFA) are assumed to inhibit the hydrolysis rate of potentially degradable fibre. This inhibition is represented using a sigmoidal Michaelis–Menten equation, to ensure that at low concentrations of unsaturated LCFA metabolism is only slightly reduced, whereas at higher concentrations metabolism will be progressively reduced (see Fig.

The use of the second law of thermodynamics explains these shifts more systematically, as being caused by changes in the ruminal environment. K. and Dijkstra, J. (1999) Dynamic aspects of the microbial ecosystem of the reticulo-rumen. G. C. A. C. Boston Herbivores: Proceedings Vth International Symposium on Nutrition of Herbivores. American Society of Animal Science, Savoy, USA, pp. 261–311. M. E. (1987) Metabolism of the lactating cow. II. Digestive elements of a mechanistic model. Journal of Dairy Research 54, 107–131.

F. (1998) Calculation of the buffering capacity of bicarbonate in the rumen and in vitro. Journal of Animal Science 76, 1702–1709. D. and Chalupa, W. (1995) The integration and comparison of dairy cow models. In: Danfær, A. and Lescoat, P. (eds) Proceedings of the IVth International Workshop on Modelling Nutrient Utilization in Farm Animals, 3–5 October, 1994, Viborg, Denmark. Tiele, Denmark. L. J. (1982) Estimation of stoichiometric parameters for rumen fermentation of roughage and concentrate diets.

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