Microelectronics Processing: Inorganic Materials by Lawrence Casper

By Lawrence Casper

content material: Analytical methods and specialist platforms within the characterization of microelectronic units / D.E. Passoja, Lawrence A. Casper, and A.J. Scharman --
electric characterization of semiconductor fabrics and units / Dieter okay. Schroder --
Dopant profiles by means of the spreading resistance procedure / Robert G. Mazur --
Scanning electron microscopic recommendations for characterization of semiconductor fabrics / Rodney A. younger and Ronald V. Kalin --
Semiconductor fabrics illness diagnostics for submicrometer very huge scale integration expertise / G.A. Rozgonyi and D.K. Sadana --
functions of secondary ion mass spectroscopy to characterization of microelectronic fabrics / Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss --
functions of Auger electron spectroscopy in microelectronics / Paul A. Lindfors, Ronald W. Kee, and Douglas L. Jones --
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy utilized to microelectronic fabrics / William F. Stickle and Kenneth D. Bomben --
program of neutron intensity profiling to microelectronic fabrics processing / R.G. Downing, J.T. Maki, and R.F. Fleming --
Thermal-wave size of thin-film thickness / Allan Rosencwaig --
Characterization of fabrics, skinny motion pictures, and interfaces by means of optical reflectance and ellipsometric strategies / D.E. Aspnes --
dimension of the oxygen and carbon content material of silicon wafers by way of Fourier rework IR spectrophotometry / Aslan Baghdadi --
software of the Raman microprobe to analytical difficulties of microelectronics / Fran Adar --
Characterization of gallium arsenide by way of magneto-optical photoluminescent spectroscopy / D.C. Reynolds --
Thermal-wave imaging in a scanning electron microscope / Allan Rosencwaig --
Fourier remodel mass spectrometry within the microelectronics provider laboratory / W.H. Penzel --
fabrics characterization utilizing elemental and isotopic analyses through inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry / B. Shushan, E.S.K. Quan, A. Boorn, D.J. Douglas, and G. Rosenblatt --
Activation research of electronics fabrics / Richard M. Lindstrom --
hint aspect survey analyses by way of spark resource mass spectrography / Fredric D. Leipziger and Richard J. Guidoboni --
Characterization of parts in plasma phosphorus-doped oxides / Jana Houskova, Kim-Khanh N. Ho, and Marjorie okay. Balazs --
method keep watch over of vacuum-deposited nickel-chromium for the fabrication of reproducible thin-film resistors / Vineet S. Dharmadhikari --
Characterization of spin-on glass movies as a planarizing dielectric / Satish ok. Gupta and Roland L. Chin --
results of assorted chemistries on silicon-wafer cleansing / D. Scott Becker, William R. Schmidt, Charlie A. Peterson, and Don C. Burkman --
tracking of debris in gases with a laser counter / C.E. Nowakowski and J.V. Martinez de Pinillos --
Microelectronics processing challenge fixing : the synergism of complementary suggestions / J.N. Ramsey.

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C o u r t e s y o f R . J . R o e d e l . ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1986. 26 MICROELECTRONICS PROCESSING: INORGANIC MATERIALS CHARACTERIZATION J u n c t i o n Depth A l l of t h e t h r e e p r e c e d i n g t e c h n i q u e s a r e u s e d t o m e a s u r e j u n c t i o n depth. T h e r e i s g e n e r a l agreement between t h e t h r e e t e c h n i q u e s f o r deep j u n c t i o n s w i t h j u n c t i o n d e p t h s o f t h e o r d e r o f 1-2 jxm o r greater.

S. P e r l o f f . ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1986. 2. SCHRODER Electrical Characterization of Semiconductor Materials Doping and C a r r i e r 23 Concentrations The d o p i n g c o n c e n t r a t i o n i s o f t e n c o n f u s e d w i t h t h e c a r r i e r concentration. I n u n i f o r m l y and m o d e r a t e l y doped s u b s t r a t e s t h e two a r e v i r t u a l l y i d e n t i c a l a t room t e m p e r a t u r e . T h i s i s no l o n g e r t r u e when t h e s u b s t r a t e i s h e a v i l y doped o r when a d i f f u s e d o r i o n i m p l a n t e d l a y e r i s measured.

SCHRODER 31 Electrical Characterization of Semiconductor Materials zero b i a s (B) and then back to -V,. During the zero bias pulse, i s f i l l e d with electrons and when the bias i s returned to -V, , those N i n the scr are i n i t i a l l y f i l l e d w i t h electrons (C). -V) (5) V SO Dl the space-charge Q - q(N* - N ) a t (C). Electrons are then thermally emitted, i n d i c a t e d by arrows i n (C), and as time progresses Q qN^ (D) i . e . when a l l electrons have been emitted, the charge i n the s c r i s i d e n t i c a l t o F i g u r e 5 ( a ) .

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