Microbes and Microbial Products as Herbicides by Robert E. Hoagland (Eds.)

By Robert E. Hoagland (Eds.)

content material: Microbes and microbial items as herbicides : an outline / Robert E. Hoagland --
Maculosin, a host-specific phytotoxin from Alternaria alternata on noticed knapweed / Gary Strobel, Andrea Stierle, Sang Ho Park, and John Cardellina --
Biochemistry of non-host-selective phytotoxins / Richard D. Durbin --
satellite tv for pc metabolites and artificial derivatives of abscisic acid as capability microbial product herbicides / Horace G. Cutler --
Biochemical responses of vegetation to pathogens / Robert E. Hoagland --
Phytoalexins and their elicitors / N.T. prepared --
Pathogens with capability for weed keep watch over / R. Charudattan --
organic keep watch over of aquatic weeds with plant pathogens / Gary F. Joye --
Genetic variability of fungal pathogens and their weed hosts / G.J. Weidemann and D.O. TeBeest --
Biotechnological methods to regulate of weeds with pathogens / D.C. Sands, R.V. Miller, and E.J. Ford --
Interactions of pathogens on plant leaf surfaces / C.M. Kenerley and J.H. Andrews --
practical importance of adhesion to the coaching of the an infection court docket via plant pathogenic fungi / Ralph L. Nicholson --
Herbicide-pathogen interactions and mycoherbicides as replacement suggestions for weed keep watch over / Jack Altman, Stephen Neate, and Albert D. Rovira --
Synergistic function of soil fungi within the herbicidal efficacy of glyphosate / James E. Rahe, C. André Lévesque, and Guri S. Johal --
Soilborne fungi for organic keep watch over of weeds / Richard W. Jones and Joseph G. Hancock --
formula and alertness know-how for microbial weed keep an eye on / Donald J. Daigle and William J. Connick, Jr. --
Bioherbicide expertise : an commercial point of view / James S. Bannon, James C. White, D. lengthy, J.A. Riley, J. Baragona, M. Atkins, and R.H. Crowley --
Weed regulate with pathogens : destiny wishes and instructions / George E. Templeton.

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The compound i s an lonophore and a f f e c t s p o t a s s i u m i o n t r a n s p o r t i n m i t o c h o n d r i a l , c h l o r o p l a s t , and microsomal membranes (208-212) and i n h i b i t s p h o t o p h o s p h o r y l a t i o n (208). I t a l s o has p h y t o t o x i c p r o p e r t i e s as demonstrated i n an i n t a c t garden c r e s s s e e d l i n g b l o a s s a y (211). A l t h o u g h n i g e r i c i n caused a 50% r e d u c t i o n i n garden c r e s s r a d i c l e growth a t 1-2 ppm, no v i s i b l e n e c r o s i s was e v i d e n t .

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