Mathskills Algebra by Michael Buckley

By Michael Buckley

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The ordered pair is (−3, −1) ; The x-coordinate is the y-coordinate is Use the point–slope form to write the equation. . y − y1 = m(x − x1) 2. slope = −​ _12 ​, (7, 1) 3. slope = 2, (−3, −3) 4. slope = ​ _23 ​, (4, −5) 5. indd 33 33 1/18/11 3:50 PM Name Date Point-Slope Form ll When you are given the slope of a line and an ordered pair identifying a point on the graph of the line, you can use the point–slope form. You can also use the point-slope form when given two sets of ordered pairs. To use the two ordered pairs, you first will need to use the ordered pairs to find the slope.

1, −4), (5, 2) 6. com 1/18/11 3:50 PM Name Date Parallel Lines Parallel Lines are lines in the same plane that do not intersect. The equation of line A is y = 2x + 3 The equation of line B is y = 2x − 1 As you can see both lines have the same slope, but a different y–intercept. y = mx + b m = slope b = y-intercept y = 2x + 3 2 3 y = 2x − 1 2 −1 A B Rules for Parallel Lines 1. Write all equations in slope-intercept form. 2. Identify the slope of each line. 3. If the slopes are equal the lines are parallel.

Example Is the expression a rational or irrational? ​√ 10 ​ a. √ ​ 81 ​ = 9 is a perfect square. root sign. Ask if the number is a perfect So the 81 is rational. ___ square. b. √ ​ 10 ​ is not a perfect square. Step 1 Look at the number under the square ___ Step 2 Find the square root. b. 16227766 Step 3 Look at the result. If the result is a b. 16227766 ___does not terminate and does not repeat. √ ​ 10 ​ is irrational. terminating decimal or repeating decimal, the number is rational. If the decimal does not terminate or repeat it is irrational.

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