Mathematics for machine technology by Robert Donald Smith

By Robert Donald Smith

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What common fractional part of distance B is distance A? All dimensions are in inches. 000 48. What common fractional part of diameter C is diameter D? All dimensions are in feet. 38 49. What common fractional part of distance A is each distance listed. All dimensions are in inches. a. 75--I b. Distance C c. Distance D d. Distance E e. Distance F UNIT 10 Additionand Subtractionof DecimalFractions UNIT 10 Addition and Subtraction of Decimal Fractions Objectives . Add decimal fractions. . After studyingthis unit you should be able to .

DmII 1. 4 is read as three and four tenths. 2. 002 is read as one and two thousandths. 3. 0793 is read as sixteen and seven hundred ninety-three tenthousandths. 4. 00032 is read as eight and thirty-two hundred-thousandths. Simplified Method of Reading Decimal Fractions Usually a simplified method of reading decimal fractions is used in the machine trades. 0265 inches as point zero, two, six, five inches. 172 millimeters as four, point one, seven,two millimeters. Writing Decimal Fractions from Common Fractions Having Denominators Which Are Powers of Ten A common fraction with a denoniinatorwhich is a power of ten can be written as a decimal fraction.

Determine dimensions A, B, C, D, E, and F. All dimensions are in millimeters. 65 8. Refer to the plate shown and determine the following distances. All dimensions are in inches. 695 BASE PLATE \- a. 150" diameter hole. b. 150" diameter hole. c. 725" diameter hole. d. 385" diameter hole. e. 562" diameter hole. J UNIT 11 Multiplicationof DecimalFractions UNIT 11 Objectives . Multiplication of Decimal Fractions Afterstudyingthis unityou should be able to Multiplydecimalfractions. MultiplycombinationsOfClecimals,mixeddecimals,and wholenumbers.

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