Mammalian Anatomy: The Cat by Aurora M. Sebastiani, Dale W. Fishbeck

By Aurora M. Sebastiani, Dale W. Fishbeck

This full-color dissection advisor is meant for college kids taking Mammalian Anatomy, Comparative Anatomy, normal Biology, or Anatomy & body structure classes and includes one hundred seventy five images plus many full-color illustrations. the combo of an exceptional anatomy textual content, transparent discussions of dissection innovations, and well-executed photos and illustrations makes this a definitive ebook in biology curricula. 3-hole drilled.

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Skeletal or striated muscle which is voluntary in function is generally associated with visible body movements. It also aids in such activities as returning venous blood and lymphatic fluid, especially from the posterior limbs, toward the heart. The tissues of the muscular system bring about not only externally visible locomotory movements, but also some important Origin subtle, sophisticated, internal movements, such as food propulsion through the digestive tract, adjustment of blood vessel diameters to control blood volumes in various body regions, regulation of respiratory tube diameter, erection of hair follicles, and intrinsic Belly eye functions such as dilation and constriction of the pupil.

Furthermore, use care in separating this portion of the pectoralis major to avoid damaging the underlying pectoralis minor. Origin: Cranial half of the sternum and midventral raphe Insertion: Proximal third of the shaft of the humerus Common Action of Both Portions: Draws the forelimb to- ward the midline and turns the manus forward **Sew together and cut both portions of this muscle following careful separation of the two portions. Pectoralis minor m. A thick, fan shaped muscle extending caudally to and beneath the deep portion of the pectoralis major [Figure 2–7 and Figure 2–9].

The pelvic girdle of the cat is comprised of the paired innominate bones that articulate ventrally along the medial surfaces of the pubic and ischial portions forming the pubic and ischial symphysis, respectively [Figure 1–40B]. The ilial Cuneiform portion of the innominates is rather firmly articulated medially with the sacrum, a specialized region Pisiform of the vertebral column. The cranially projecting ilium is wing-shaped Hamate with a concave lateral surface and is called the wing of the ilium.

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