Male Sexual Function: A Guide to Clinical Management by John J. Mulcahy

By John J. Mulcahy

Best clinicians and simple scientists comprehensively survey for the overall practitioner the historical past, diagnostic instruments, linked stipulations, motives, and coverings of erectile disorder. right here the busy practitioner will locate concise and beneficial details at the anatomy and body structure of erectile functionality and disorder, ejaculatory problems, Peyronie's sickness, and priapism - in addition to a bankruptcy on woman sexual disorder - as well as thorough chapters on analysis and remedy.

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Up to 90% of it is metabolized in one passage through the lungs (nearly completely within two passes) and it is excreted through kidneys and liver. It has recently been postulated that an active metabolite of PGE1, now termed PGEO, has a longer half-life (1 h), is responsible for the majority of the clinical, as well as systemic, side effects (PGE1) when administered intracavernosal (139,140). , tactile stimuli → (spinothalamic tract) → thalamic VLN+ ILN) → (Somatic sensory) → Postcentral gyrus Pelvic and Cavernous N.

3–10-fold increases in intracellular cAMP levels have been documented in cultured human corporal smooth-muscle cells in response to activation of prostaglandin E1 (50). Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase (PDEase) cleavage cAMP to AMP. Smooth-muscle relaxants, like papaverine, exert its effect through phosphodiesterase inhibition inducing the accumulation of either cAMP and/or cGMP depending on its selectivity (55). NO acts via guanylase cyclase, which produces cGMP. This pathway is activated by nitric oxide.

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