Living Well with HIV & AIDS by Allen Gifford, Kate Lorig RN Dr. PH, Diana Laurent MPH,

By Allen Gifford, Kate Lorig RN Dr. PH, Diana Laurent MPH, Virginia González

According to the present care directions from the CDC and in different places, this e-book addresses the present emphasis on coping with the unwanted side effects of HIV/AIDS corresponding to lypodystrophy, redistribution of physique fats, cardiac hazards, and vulnerability to different illnesses. Combining the newest scientific recommendation with the tips of countless numbers of individuals residing with HIV/AIDS, the booklet is very precious for buddies, family, and others who make up the aid community for somebody being affected by HIV/AIDS.

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Depression Many people with HIV experience serious depression, with reduced quality of life and faster progression of HIV disease. Sometimes there is a real risk of suicide. People with depression may have trouble eating or sleeping, and they may feel tired all the time, or worthless and guilty. Be very careful about drugs and alcohol—they may seem like ways to cheer up, but in people with depression they just make matters worse and can be dangerous. Depression can be treated, but many people don’t talk to their doctors about it, and the doctors may not ask.

In this chapter we look briefly at some of the health problems most often seen in those with HIV. Medical Problems Caused by Uncontrolled HIV Infection With the advent of effective medications for HIV, rates of these AIDS infections, cancers, and nerve problems have dropped sharply. However, when HIV is not controlled and the immune system gets weak, people can suffer from numerous illnesses and get infections and cancers that are very 33 34 HIV/AIDS SELF-MANAGEMENT serious. Uncontrolled HIV can also harm the brain and nerves, causing people to have memory problems and pain.

At other times the way is rough. To negotiate this path you have to use many strategies. Sometimes you can go fast; at other times you must slow down. Effective self-managers are people who have learned the skills to negotiate this path. Self-management skills fall into three main categories: • Skills needed to deal with the illness. Any illness requires that you do new things. These may include taking many medicines and sticking to complicated medication schedules. Sometimes there are new exercises or a new eating plan.

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