IUTAM Symposium on Elementary Vortices and Coherent by Shigeo Kida

By Shigeo Kida

Ordinary vortices – these tubular swirling vortical buildings with centred vorticity more often than not saw in several types of turbulent flows – play key roles in turbulence dynamics (e.g. enhancement of combining, diffusion and resistance) and symbolize turbulence records (e.g. intermittency). due to their dynamical significance, manipulation of easy vortices is predicted to be powerful and important in turbulence keep an eye on in addition to in development of turbulence modeling. the main complex examine works on straight forward vortices and similar difficulties have been offered and mentioned on the IUTAM Symposium in Kyoto, Japan, 26-28 October 2004. This e-book includes forty contributions awarded there, the themes of which disguise vortex dynamics, coherent buildings, chaotic advection and combining, statistical houses of turbulence, rotating and stratified turbulence, instability and transition, dynamics of skinny vortices, finite-time singularity, and superfluid turbulence. The booklet could be valuable for readers of graduate and complicated degrees within the box of fluid turbulence.

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6, the long and short axes of the vortex head were about 6 and 3 Kolmogorov scales, respectively. Although there appears to be some feeble attempt to roll up, this local shear layer remains relatively stable. Afterwards, the enstrophy structure continues to evolve into a fully formed hairpin vortex head and limbs alternating between sheet-like to tube like, and back again. The three topological phases of evolution are mirrored by the dynamical relationships associated with enstrophy and strain-rate production.

2005). 18 References Horiuti, K. 2001 A classification method for vortex sheet and tube structures in turbulent flows. Phys. Fluids 13, 3756–3774. Horiuti, K. 2003 Roles of nonaligned eigenvectors of strain-rate and subgrid-scale stress tensors in turbulence generation. J. Fluid Mech. 491, 65–100. , and Takagi, Y. 2005 Effect of non-affine voscoelasticity on turbulence generation. in Proc. Int. Symp. on Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Measurements 6. , and Kaneda Y. 2002 Anisotropic velocity correlation spectrum at small scales in a homogeneous turbulent shear flow.

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