Irish Is Fun!: A New Course for the Beginner by Aodan, and Phil, M. Mac Poilin

By Aodan, and Phil, M. Mac Poilin

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EXERCISE 12 1. Devise and adopt a magical name you are comfortable with, using the means you find most suitable. 2. Once created, investigate what the name says about your approach, perception and understanding of magick. Record the results from adopting this name (this will be ongoing). 3. Revise your magical name as and when necessary. THE MAGICAL O A T H Picture the scene: a shadowy chamber lit by candlelight, swirling incense smoke, a robed and hooded assembly; the glint of sharp steel as a blade is pressed against the throat of a bound and naked young man.

Create a sigil by omitting repeated letters, and then arranging the remainder into an arbitrary, abstract glyph. 3. Masturbate. 4. At the point of orgasm, visualise the sigil. 5. Torget about it. 6. Record the result in your diaTy. How long it will take for the desire to manifest varies, but in my experience it's usually the next day or so. And that's sigil magick! SEX W I T H STATIONERY Everything I have said so far, however, is old hat. It is both amusing and very sad that no one has advanced the technique of sigilisation for almost a century.

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