Insects and Allergy and What to Do About Them by Claude Albee Frazier

By Claude Albee Frazier

Hypersensitivity, bugs, healthiness

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A normal reaction involves only the immediate area of the bite or sting. Usually it consists of a wheal, some pain, and quite a bit of itching. There may be some swelling contiguous to the wound itself. An allergic reaction produces symptoms in areas removed from the site of the sting or bite and may involve one or more body systems, such as the respiratory, gastrointestinal, cardiac, and skin. Thus the allergic individual may not only have pain, a wheal, itching at the sting or bite site but also feel nauseated, weak, and sweaty.

They must then turn to honey and pollen for their sustenance. Interestingly, drone larvae, which develop from unfertilized eggs, get only honey following their allotment of royal jelly. Perhaps this sweet diet is compensation for the shortness of their pleasant lives. The lucky, or unlucky, drone (depending upon your view of such things) who is successful on his mating flight dies in the act of copulation; his genitals are torn out by the queen as she leaves him. The drones that never accomplish their purpose in life almost always die soon also.

Bee populations all over the world are on the decline because of the use of herbicides and insecticides and because we have plowed up our fields of wild flowers or paved them over with concrete. The nectar of wild flowers is the bees' main sustenance. Knowing this, the wise gardener will either let a stand of wild flowers grow near his neatly turned plot or will plant nectar-rich flowers to attract his bee friends. The dearth of bees among Florida orange groves, for instance, has become so serious in recent years that a small business of transporting hives to the area has sprung up.

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