Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth? Why Much of What We by Jonathan Wells, Jody F. Sjogren

By Jonathan Wells, Jody F. Sjogren

How may you react if instructed that you just and your kids were lied to in technological know-how classes in school and collage? but this can be precisely what has been taking place for many years, as Icons of Evolution' demonstrates.
The writer, a Berkeley Ph.D in Biology, isn't really a creationist, yet his ebook describes many critical misrepresentations of evidence more often than not present in biology textbooks, that are used to perpetuate trust in evolution. the most a part of the ebook describes ten of those icons', devoting one bankruptcy to every, and exhibits what's wrong with them within the mild of released clinical facts. The chapters are all quite short, and every is split into brief sections, to make the fabric more straightforward to assimilate. The author's thesis is abundantly documented with seventy one pages of analysis notes on the finish of the book.

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It's not possible to analyze DNA from Cambrian fossils, but molecular biologists are able to compare protein and Darwin's Tree of Life • 47 DNA sequences in living species. Assuming that sequence dif-ferences among the major animal phyla are due to mutations, and that mutations accumulate at the same rate in various organisms over long periods of time, biologists use sequence differences as a «molecular clock» to estimate how long ago the phyla shared a common ancestor. It turns out that the dates obtained by this method cover a wide range.

The question is, how much? In 1965 Texas scientists L. V. Berkner and L. C. Marshall argued that the oxygen produced by photodissociation could not have exceeded about one thousandth of its present atmospheric level, and was probably much lower. California Institute of Tech-nology geophysicist R. T. Brinkmann disagreed, claiming that «appreciable oxygen concentrations might have evolved in the Earth's atmosphere»—as much as one quarter of the present level—before the advent of photosynthesis. As the controversy over theoretical implications widened, various scientists took one 16 • ICONS OF EVOLUTION side or the other: Australian geologist J.

A) In Darwin's theory, the number of animal phyla gradually increases over time. (B) The fossil record, however, shows that almost all of the animal phyla appear at about the same time in the Cambrian explosion, with the number declining slightly thereafter due to extinctions. 44 • ICONS OF EVOLUTION Yet «ancestors or intermediates» are «unknown or unconfirmed» for any of the phyla or classes appearing in the Cambrian explosion. » Several recent surveys of the quality of the fossil record from the Cambrian to the present support this view.

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