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Subsequent within the bestselling culture of Animals: a visible Encyclopedia and the 1st monstrous human physique encyclopedia geared toward childrens, Human physique: a visible Encyclopedia entertains and excites, whereas placing key organic info at younger readers' fingertips. utilizing a dynamic visible method, this children's encyclopedia explains how the physique works via images, making the subject material available and intuitive to readers of every age. The accompanying textual content is straightforward, full of life, and jam-packed with notable proof and astonishing tales that attract curious minds. Specially-commissioned 3-D imagery of the physique structures and organs will satisfaction each budding scientist and doctor!

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WOW! If thousands of skin bacteria can fit onto the period at the end of this sentence, imagine how many are living on your skin. Millions of germs, such as these ball-shaped skin bacteria called Staphylococcus (meaning “bunches of grapes”) live on your body, favoring damper, warmer places such as armpits. Many deter other harmful bacteria from settling on your body’s surface. But if the skin is cut, bacteria can get inside the body, multiply rapidly, and cause infection. BED CRAWLERS Wingless bedbugs find their victims by detecting body warmth.

Some of these joints are fixed and rigid. But most are free-moving joints that give your skeleton incredible flexibility, allowing you to run, write, and perform many other movements. Joints also provide stability by holding your bones together. ▶ PIVOT JOINT In this joint, the rounded end of one bone fits within another, like a peg pushed through a hole. Found at the top of your neck, the joint allows you to turn your head from side to side. FLEXIBLE JOINTS You have six main types of free-moving (synovial) joints in your body.

The record is seven fingers on each hand! GETTING TO GRIPS One of the most important features of your hand is your thumb. This digit has a unique joint that enables you to move it across your palm to touch the tips of your fingers. In addition to letting you pick up small objects, the thumb enables you to perform delicate and precise tasks. Try picking up a pencil without using your thumb and you’ll see how much you rely on this digit. HOLDING A BRUSH Small muscles in the hand press the thumb and fingers together to form a secure grip on an object.

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