How To Sleep Less and Have More Energy Than You Ever Had

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In your Powerful Sleep plan I suggest that you take a 10-45 minute nap during your day to physically recharge yourself, it's ideal to take this nap when you experience this body temperature drop as it will help you sleep. Always limit your naps to 45 minutes to avoid entering deep sleep. When you wake up from your power nap it's usual to feel a bit lethargic and drowsy, this is because your melatonin levels are high. Get as much high intensity light as possible the moment you wake up, and make sure to MOVE your body to get your body temperature up and running again.

Is something wrong with me? WHY CANT I SLEEP?! There's got to be something wrong with me! Our thoughts can easily turn from a walk in a park to re-living stressful situations over and over again, simply because of this momentum concept. So what's the solution? It's simple: You must focus your attention on relaxing, and not trying to *FORCE* sleep to come. Of course, relaxing is a challenge for most people too... Okay, ahhhhhhh,... time to relax. Wow! This feels good. Mmmmmmm.... Okay, I'll just turn my head to one side there.

This is the ideal time to go to bed. Here again, for your reference is the body temperature rhythm graph (this is the general shape your body temperature rhythm usually takes) Your Sunlight Intensity Exposure Evaluation As you've learned so far, high intensity light has a huge effect on the strength of your sleeping system. If you expose yourself to light during the day, your body temperature rhythm will “peak” at a higher point and will fall at a later point. You'll experience better sleep and will be able to lower your amount of sleep.

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