Heterocyclic Antitumor Antibiotics by Toni Brown, Herman Holt Jr., Moses Lee (auth.), Moses Lee

By Toni Brown, Herman Holt Jr., Moses Lee (auth.), Moses Lee (eds.)

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"Heterocyclic antitumor antibiotics signify a extensive category of normal items which are of frequent curiosity … . therefore, a well-written, updated account of development within the learn of such compounds is predicted to be good got. … this monograph definitely has enough medical price to benefit inclusion in so much educational libraries and in business laboratories considering antibacterial and anticancer agent discovery. person researchers, nonetheless, could first desire to weigh the level to which this far-ranging number of reports offers sufficiently with subject matters of particular curiosity to their examine teams sooner than buying a private copy." (Gary I. Dmitrienko, magazine of the yank Chemical Society, Vol. 129, 2007)

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54]. These compounds have biological activity in the nM range. An example of the formation of these furazan (1,2,5oxadiazole) derivatives is shown in Scheme 9. The diol 50 was oxidized to the diketone 51 using TEMPO and sodium hypochlorite. Transformation to the bisoxime 52 was performed in an excess of hydroxylamine hydrochloride and pyridine at high temperature for several days. Basic dehydration of 52 formed two products (53a and b). A Mitsunobu reaction was then employed using toluene as solvent to form compound 53b in 24% yield.

5 h, Bu3 SnCl (ii) H2 O, HCl, THF, –40 to 0 ◦ C; b 163, 10% Pd(PPh3 )4 , PhCH3 , 110 ◦ C; c ethylene glycol, APTS; d LTMP, THF – 75 ◦ C, 165; e MnO2 , THF, rt; f p-CH3 OC6 H4 B(OH)2 , Pd(PPh3 )4 , EtOH, K2 CO3 , PhCH3 , 8 h; g 6 M aq. 5 h [84] Scheme 43 a Hydrazine hydrate, CH2 Cl2/EtOH; b Ac2 O; c H2 /Pd – C, EtOAc; d separate regioisomers by flash chromatography [85] 42 T. Brown et al. Similarly, Scheme 44 indicates that Selvan et al. , 170) [87]. Although this example is a curcumin analog and not a chalcone derivative, it has been included as this class of compounds exhibited anti-oxidant and COX-1/COX-2 activity.

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