The Harvard Medical School guide to lowering your blood by Aggie Casey

By Aggie Casey

An leading edge method of decreasing blood strain that builds at the nationwide bestseller The rest Response

For the a hundred million humans around the world facing hypertension, bestselling writer Dr. Herbert Benson and cardiac health professional Aggie Casey have created a confirmed plan for decreasing blood strain. in line with the groundbreaking paintings performed on the Mind/Body scientific Institute, the authors' application is going past recommendation approximately food and workout to include a confirmed stress-management program--including the relief response.

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Researchers feel that constant sleep debt is associated with obesity. Sleep as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle As you can see, the consequences of sleep deprivation are serious and potentially even life-threatening, in both the short term (increased accident risk) and the long term (increased disease risk). For this reason, it’s vital that you think of getting enough sleep as an essential element of maintaining good health—as important as getting regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, and practicing good dental hygiene.

This is because we don’t experience the passing of time while asleep. There is a small group of people who are convinced they get no sleep at all each night—until we bring them into the sleep laboratory and show them that although they claimed to lie awake all night, they actually slept for seven hours. Falling Asleep During the Day Is a Sign of Laziness Falling asleep during daytime hours is not a character defect; it’s a sign of physiological need. Lazy people may fritter away their time at unproductive or pointless tasks, but they don’t necessarily have trouble staying awake in the daytime.

And then tested on a driving simulator. 10. 10—enough to be charged with driving while intoxicated in most states. In addition to poor hand-eye coordination, sleep deprivation also leaves you prone to two potentially dangerous phenomena: microsleeps and automatic behavior. What happens when complete sleep deprivation is extended for long periods of time? Not surprisingly, things go downhill. Studies have found that when people go two or three days without sleep they have difficulty completing tasks demanding a high attention level and often experience mood swings, depression, and increased feelings of tension.

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