Evolutionary Behavioral Ecology by David Westneat, Charles Fox

By David Westneat, Charles Fox

Evolutionary Behavioral Ecology is meant for use as a textual content for graduate scholars and a sourcebook for pro scientists looking an knowing of the evolutionary and ecological tactics shaping habit throughout a wide range of organisms and a various set of behaviors. Chapters are written by way of top specialists within the box, supplying a middle beginning, a background of conceptual advancements, and clean perception into the controversies and subject matters shaping the ongoing improvement of the sector. Essays on version, choice, health, genetics, plasticity, and phylogeny as they pertain to behaviour position the sector within the broader context of ecology and evolution. those suggestions, besides a variety of theoretical techniques are utilized to the evolution of habit in a many contexts, from person decision-making of solitary animals via to complicated social interactions.

Chapters combine conceptual and theoretical ways with contemporary empirical advances to appreciate the evolution of habit, from foraging, facing chance, predator avoidance, and an array of social behaviors, together with battling and cooperation with conspecifics and clash and cooperation among the sexes. the fabric emphasizes integrative and novel ways to behaviour, together with cognitive ecology, character, conservation biology, the hyperlinks among habit and evolution, the evolution of human social habit, and ways that glossy genetic analyses can increase the examine of habit.

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Williams and W. D. Hamilton’s concept of kin selection, Dawkins’s objective was to explain the logic of natural selection from a gene’s perspective. Wilson’s goal was broader, and he considered kin selection to be just one of several possible evolutionary processes (including group selection). Wilson placed his extrapolation from nonhumans to humans as the finale to Sociobiology. ” (205). This kept him out of the boiling waters that almost, but thankfully not quite, engulfed Wilson. Like any new discipline, behavioral ecology itself has been the subject of justified and unjustified criticism.

Is this a novel function (fertilizing multiple females rather than the current female)? If so, both the sources of selection on, and the function of, copulation duration have changed through evolutionary history, complicating the study of adaptation. Similar complications occur for many traits, especially those that are emergent properties of other traits. Gould and Vrba (1982) recognized this possibility and proposed that a true adaptation be distinguished from co-opted traits by giving the co-opted case the name exaptation.

Points represent results from experiments assessing the fertilization success of copulations varying in duration. 6 min). Two forms of the model (different equations for diminishing returns) are depicted (solid versus dashed lines) but produce a similar predicted copulation duration (41 min. ). 5 min. is close to but slightly less than the predicted values. Redrawn from Parker and Stuart (1976). Although we think Gould and Lewontin were mistaken in many of their specific criticisms, they raised numerous issues that needed to be addressed by behavioral ecologists (and evolutionary biologists in general).

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