Evolution of an Andean margin: a tectonic and magmatic view by Suzanne Mahlburg Kay, Victor A. Ramos

By Suzanne Mahlburg Kay, Victor A. Ramos

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41 The ca. 24–20 Ma alkali basalts are succeeded by ca. 19–18 and 16–15 basaltic to hornblende-bearing mafic andesitic to trachydacitic magmas erupted from volcanic complexes (circles in Fig. , 2002; Cobbold and Rossello, 2003; Kay and Copeland, this volume, chapter 9). 55). Kay and Copeland (this volume, chapter 9) use these characteristics to argue that these younger magmas were generated in a mantle containing subducted components. They further argue that these magmas erupted in a contractional setting.

SVZ—Southern Volcanic Zone. Figure 8 (on this and following page). Rare earth element (REE) characteristics of Neuquén Basin region samples: (A) La/Yb ratio versus SiO2 (wt%) and (B) La/Sm versus Sm/Yb ratios. La/Yb ratios indicate overall REE slopes; La/Sm and Sm/Yb ratios indicate light and heavy REE slopes. High La/Yb and Sm/Yb ratios in basaltic magmas generally indicate small percentage melts of a garnet-bearing mantle source. High ratios in more silicic magmas can indicate that the magmas equilibrated with amphibole-, garnet-, or accessory mineral–bearing residual mineral assemblages.

Twelve new 40Ar/ 39Ar ages are listed in Table 2. Age spectra are presented in Appendix 1. Analytical techniques are the same as in Jordan et al. (2001). M. Kay et al. Figure 2 (continued). TABLE 1. 5 Southern Volcanic Zone Tromen Center Cerro Tromen andesite Late Pliocene/Quaternary 2–1 Southern Volcanic Zone Chos Malal trough, etc. 8 Cajon Negro Formation? Huincán II Formation (Mendoza) Chachahuén volcanic complex Cajon Negro Formation? 7 Cerro Negro andesite middle Miocene 14–11 Trapa Trapa Formation Huincán I Formation (Mendoza) Pichi Tril Formation early middle Miocene 20–15 Trapa Trapa Formation and plutons Sierras Huantraico/Negra centers Molle Formation (Mendoza) early Miocene 25–20 Cura Mallín Formation Sierra de Huantraico alkali basalts Matancilla region alkali basalts Eocene 50 ± 5 Cerro Bayo de la Esperanza 50–45 Caicayén group Paleogene/early Eocene 56–50 Cayanta Formation 60–56 Cerro Nevazón region Latest Cretaceous 75–66 Varvarcó Pluton Pelán Formation Period Upper Cretaceous to Holocene magmatism 23 Figure 3.

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