Elementary education at Nippur: the lists of trees and by Nicolaas Christiaan Veldhuis

By Nicolaas Christiaan Veldhuis

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I would like to thank her here for her generosity. 121 Additional examples in the Hilprecht Sammlung, Jena are very few, probably no more than three (information based on notes by Oelsner), but there are no doubt more in Istanbul. 38 copy, with the reverse left empty. g. TIM X/1 129; Nippur). 20). One Nippur lentil is assimilated to a type II text, in that it has a longer extract in three columns on the reverse (2N-T730 = IM 58046)122. A type common outside Nippur is a three-line inscription on the obverse, repeated by a pupil on the reverse.

3. These literary extract tablets are usually longer than lexical type III texts, and may carry a text of between 30 and 60 lines. In practice, the types can hardly be confused. 127 See now Cribiore 1996, especially Chapters 3 and 4. The importance of this book lies in a reversal of priorities in the study of ancient education. Older studies, such as Marrou (1948) and Bonner (1977), describe the school from the evidence in literary texts from Plato to St. Augustine, and use extant school exercises as mere illustrations.

And a literary text (VAS 10, 207) written by a female scribe. References courtesy M. Stol. See also Durand: Documents Cunéiformes I, 495 (ur5-ra clothing section, dated to Samsuiluna; colophon: šu munus-dub-sar; provenance unknown). F. Al-Rawi informs me (personal communication) that exercises by female scribes have also been found in Tell Haddad and Tell Harmal. 27 Harmal77. 3. Educational Tools: The Typology of Lexical Exercise Tablets Old Babylonian lexical texts are inscribed on several characteristic tablet types.

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