Diabetes: Questions You Have ... Answers You Need by Paula Brisco

By Paula Brisco

Diabetes impacts in keeping with cent of the united kingdom inhabitants. This consultant, written in an easy-to-read question-and-answer structure, solutions frequently asked questions on diabetes corresponding to "Who will get diabetes?", "What are the foremost signs?" and "How is it diagnosed?".

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A: Doctors often use that term to indicate that insulin is present but is not being used efficiently. The reason for insulin resistance is not completely understood, although scientists are striving to learn more about it. Recent research suggests that in some cases it may have to do with the way Page 21 skeletal muscles store glucose for later use. For us, it's enough to know that insulin resistance plays a role in type-II diabetes. People with type-II diabetes are sometimes given drugs, called oral hypoglycemic agents, to increase the secretion and effectiveness of insulin.

Eventually, production of insulin comes to a halt because no beta cells remain. Scientists are not quite sure what causes the body's immune system to sabotage pancreatic cells, although they have detected a genetic predisposition to this disorder. Many scientists also believe that a trigger, perhaps a virus, must be present to start the destruction. Two recent studies implicate coxsackie viruses (related to the poliovirus) as possible triggers for type-I diabetes. More research is needed to confirm these viruses' role.

A: You may have heard about the device invented by a physician at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston. He calls his artificial pancreas an ultrafiltering hybrid organ, and he claims the device shields the beta cells of the pancreas from attack by white blood cells. This device has not been tested, so results of its usepositive or negativeare many years down the road. But as things stand now, most people with diabetes do not expect a transplant. Diabetes is something they learn to live with.

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