Depression (Diseases and Disorders) by Lydia D. Bjornlund

By Lydia D. Bjornlund

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About half of all depressed patients experience a single episode and recover completely. For some, however, depression can be debilitating. For these people a diagnosis of depression is only the beginning of a lifelong treatment plan involving antidepressants and psychotherapy. Even when treated, depression can last for many years. 8 years. In the deepest periods of depression, people may feel a sense of hopelessness and dread, but those who have recovered are quick to share with others what helped them emerge from their darkest despair and what continues to help them stay one step ahead of the illness.

This can be frustrating for patients and increase the sense of anger, hopelessness, despair, or other depressive symptoms. ” writes a blogger, “I have been on so many medications it’s terrible. Some have not helped at all, some seemed to have worked for a while then just stopped working. My doctors will up the dosages 2 or 3 times before switching me to something else. It is a constant cycle. . ”25 Patients who have been helped by prescription drugs encourage those who do not respond to a drug right away to keep looking for a solution.

64 Depression encourages others to continue to work with their doctors to find the optimal solution. “Try the SNRI medications if you have not already,” she writes. “Compare them with how you felt on strictly SSRIs. You may learn something about your own brain chemistry that can help you select the right antidepressant to defeat your depression once and for all. I know this information has helped me combat mine. . ”26 The Cost of Treatment Patients with depression are at higher risk than most of giving in to their despair and failing to follow the protocol prescribed by their doctor.

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