Das Maitra - Cryptanalysis of Optimal Differential Energy by Tanmoy Kanti Das and Subhamoy Maitra

By Tanmoy Kanti Das and Subhamoy Maitra

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Thiadiazolylphosphines have been prepared by direct phosphination of the ring system with halogenophosphines19s. (127) R = Ph or Pr' (128) R = PI" or Me A variety of new phosphines has been obtained by elaboration of functional groups already present in precursor phosphines. Acylation of aminoalkylphosphines has provided the chiral diphosphines (129)'96 and (130)197,and Nacylation of chiral pyrrolidinylphosphines has given the new mixed donor ligands (13 1)198 and a water-soluble acrylate polymer-bound system199.

A theoretical consideraton of the species H2PCH has concluded that the ground state of the molecule is best described as a phosphinocarbene rather than a h5-pho~phaacetylene~~~. 5 Phosphirenes, Phospholes and Phosphinines The phosphirene system continues to attract the attention of the theoreticians, the past year having seen studies of insertion reactions of phosphirenium (and phosphiranium) cations with ethene and ethyne510, exchange and insertion reactions involving borane adducts of phosphirene and phosphirane5' I , and a study of the electron affinity of substituted ph~sphirenes~'~.

And six- coordinate hydrido-phosphorus intermediates have been identified by3'P NMR techniques in the reduction of tetraphenylphosphonium salts with lithium aluminium hydride in THF at room temperature. Under these conditions, the phosphorus-containing products are the phosphorane Ph3PH2 and triphenylphosphine. Under reflux conditions, only triphenylphosphine is obtained. Compared with the related quaternary ammonium dication, it is much less easy to incorporate the longchain diphosphonium cation (2 15) into a - c y c l ~ d e x t r i n s ~Clay ~ ~ .

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