Curvology: The Origins and Power of Female Body Shape by David Bainbridge

By David Bainbridge

Anatomy professor David Bainbridge applies the technology of evolutionary biology and psychology to examine women's our bodies in our ancestral earlier, our self-image-obsessed current, and our surgically more suitable future.

Few issues are as tantalizing as a woman’s curves…and but, people are the one mammals on the earth whose adult females have curvy our bodies. Why? And what does this detailed physique form suggest for us? In Curvology, researcher David Bainbridge makes use of his medical knowledge to unravel this anatomical secret and to discover the social and mental results of our cultural fixation with curves and fat.

Bainbridge brings thorough and clear-headed medical learn to this subject, in addition to an admirable realizing of the real-life ramifications of the interesting data and provocative stories he cites. mixing evolutionary biology, cultural remark, and state of the art psychology, Bainbridge seriously synthesize the technological know-how and background of women’s physique form, from historic homonids to the age of the selfie, providing insights into how women’s our bodies turned gadgets of fascination and elevating expertise approximately what this scrutiny does to our brains.

Packed with arguable and compelling findings that force us to contemplate the importance of our curves and what they suggest for destiny generations, Curvology deals not only a compelling number of evidence and reviews, yet an forever attention-grabbing tackle evolution and its outcomes.

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