Crop Circles: A Beginner's Guide (Beginner's Guides) by Hugh Manistre

By Hugh Manistre

An exploration of crop circles, offering feedback for private examine. It addresses: the background of crop circles; theories and factors; technology and the circles; the "New Age", the magical and the circles; hoaxes; conspiracy concept; and up to date occasions and ultimate mysteries.

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Development of hoax theory In 1991, however, there were various developments that were to eventually cause a substantial revision of the assumptions described above. Articles in The Cerealogist by Peter Williams and Ken Brown drew attention to the existence of a number of issues which were highly suggestive of human involvement in the circles. Williams was a veteran 'sky watcher' during the UFO flap that surrounded Warminster. Like Randles and Fuller, it was his experience of the activities of hoaxers in this context that made him inclined to scepticism about the origin of the crop circles.

Another aspect of this is the belief that human consciousness is undergoing a transformation or shift as we move towards the next millennium. The case of Mary Freeman's sighting illustrates how these themes come together. Paul Devereux has described how the monuments of the Avebury area can be interpreted as a 'mythic landscape' and Michael Dames' books paint a picture of an ancient worship cycle set round the same sites. This was the backdrop for Mary Freeman's sighting. On the night of 18 July 1988, she was returning home to Marlborough from Winterbourne Monkton, driving along the stone avenue which leaves Avebury to the southeast.

When dowsing with a hazel 'wand' or rods, the dowser looks for a movement from a stationary 'neutral' position as they walk over or into a hidden line of force, or an underground water course. With a pendulum, a neutral swing is set up and, as either a mental question is asked, or a line crossed, the swing changes to a circular motion, the direction being interpreted as a positive or negative answer. A traditional dowsing rod Circle investigators who have adopted this method are not confined to the New Age 'true believers'.

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