Coloring Atlas of the Human Body by Kerry Hull

By Kerry Hull

Coloring Atlas of the Human Body presents a entire evaluate of human anatomy and body structure for visually-oriented and kinesthetic newcomers. by way of coloring a chain of especially designed diagrams and the accompanying flashcards, scholars will study and keep in mind thoughts even more successfully than with conventional textbooks on my own. the finished coloring routines and flashcards may also function instruments to check and get ready for examinations.

A better half web site contains extra coloring workouts and bonus learn and try taking tips.

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3. Use darker colors to highlight features of the ilium A1 A2 and ischium B1 B2. 4. Use a dark color to outline (anterior view) or color in (lateral view) portions of the os coxae contributing to the acetabulum D . 5. Color the pubic symphysis F and the obturator foramen H . 6. Use a dark color to outline the pubic arch region G . COLORING INSTRUCTIONS ✍ Color the structures of the hip joint in the bottom figure. qxd 12/12/2008 11:09 AM Page 41 Aptara Inc. qxd 12/12/2008 11:09 AM Page 42 Aptara Inc.

Actions illustrated for the shoulder joint also occur at the hip joint. 3 Mnemonic: SUPinate to carry your SUPper. 2 46 COLORING INSTRUCTIONS ✍ Color each illustration and the corresponding term at the same time, using the same color. 1. Review the planes of division in Coloring Exercise 1-2. 2. Find all of the examples of flexion A and extension B , and color the arrows the relevant color. Perform the movements. 3. Repeat step 2 for abduction C and adduction D . 4. Repeat step 2 for circumduction E .

Color the nuclei black in each figure. 2. Color the muscle cells for each muscle type ( to C ). A COLORING INSTRUCTIONS ✍ On the middle figure: 1. Color the bones ( G , I ), tendons D , and the muscle body E . Use light colors for the bones ( G , I ) and the muscle body. 2. Using two dark colors, draw circles at the origins F and insertion H of the muscle. COLORING INSTRUCTIONS ✍ On the bottom figure: 1. Color the bone tendon D , and epimysium J . I , 2. Color the perimysium L around the extruded fascicle and in the cross section.

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