Catalysis and Automotive Pollution Control III, Proceedings by A. Frennet and J.-M. Bastin (Eds.)

By A. Frennet and J.-M. Bastin (Eds.)

Those court cases are taken from the 3rd foreign Symposium (CAPoC3), held in Belgium, 1994, and are dedicated to using catalysis for the depollution of exhaust gases of motorcars. It covers such parts as catalyst growing older and poisoning, and gas catalyst applied sciences.

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The average trip is so short (1 or 3 km) that when you stop your car neither the water nor the oil are at their equilibrium temperature. When you remember that oil viscosity plays a major role in engine friction and is very sensitive to temperature (you need a log-log scale to draw a straight line for viscosity versus temperature law). You realise how difficult it must be to define a strategy and to check it. 2. Inlet Pipe adjustment Already performance car use inlet pipe of variable accoustic lengths.

Vanable compression and variable valve timino . ! ~~ ]J . - const. i 80 % 100 Fig. 11 Variable compression ratio engine. t The work done by gases occurs during the expansion stroke. Mechanical systems used today make compression equal to the expansion stroke. It is possible to avoid this combination by using a special cam profile adjustment along with the well known Miler principle. If, during the first part of the upward movement of the piston you maintain the admission valve open, you are in fact reducing the compression stroke.

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