Beginning JSP 2: From Novice to Professional by Krishnaraj Perrumal, Visit Amazon's Vikram Goyal Page,

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After examining this booklet, one can do plenty extra. --Dirk Schreckmann, JavaRanch Sheriff and magazine Editor enable starting JSP 2 be your consultant as you start utilizing JSP. This entire advisor begins via guidance you thru your first JSP software. It stories HTML, and offers you with an invaluable assessment of JSP. you are going to then have the capacity to begin studying one of many middle ideas in JSP: pulling info from a database and dealing with that info. while you might have mastered this system, you can be able to department out powerfully into different JSP issues: variables, scope, stream keep an eye on, and code reuse for efficient time administration. eventually, the booklet exhibits you ways you should use JSP with XML and offers you a flavor of a few complex issues, together with utilizing Struts and the version View Controller. This book's step by step examples clarify the recommendations at the back of the code. The authors contain lifelike situations anywhere attainable to construct your wisdom and self assurance in JSP. After analyzing this e-book, you will have the information and talents to go into the internet improvement and Java improvement industries. All you want to start this trip is a uncomplicated knowing of HTML and Java.

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Html Formatting HTML Output One of the key concepts of HTML is that any sequence of whitespace is rendered on the browser screen as a single space. In other words, any line breaks or groups of more than one space character will appear on the screen as a single space. For example, the following three different HTML pages would all be displayed in the same way: Hello World! A browser would display all of these pages as this: Hello World! 2006 16:14:55] Summarizing HTML Preformatted Text You can switch off this whitespace handling if you have text you want to display as is by wrapping the text in


2006 16:14:42] Index Index Symbols ! 2006 16:14:43] List of Figures List of Figures Chapter 1: Creating Your First JSP Page Figure 1-1: The Environment Variables dialog box Figure 1-2: Tomcat's default welcome page Figure 1-3: Tomcat's directory structure Figure 1-4: A first JSP Figure 1-5: A Java applet in action Chapter 2: Learning How HTML Works Figure 2-1: Formatting tables Figure 2-2: Using the style attribute Figure 2-3: CSS in action Figure 2-4: Using and

Figure 2-5: Your first HTML form Figure 2-6: Adding a Press Me button Figure 2-7: Adding a Pigsy textbox Figure 2-8: The improved pizza form Figure 2-9: Your form with its new select box Figure 2-10: A textarea for typing an address Chapter 3: Introducing JSP Figure 3-1: Processing a form using the EL Figure 3-2: The request-response process Figure 3-3: The JSTL reading request headers Figure 3-4: The pizza application with a missing field Chapter 4: Working with Data Figure 4-1: Data access with JSP Figure 4-2: A form to add a book Figure 4-3: A new book has been added.

However, an HTML page should contain at least two tags: and . The following example therefore represents the smallest possible HTML page: Generally speaking, all of the content of the HTML page that's displayed by the Web browser should be nested in the tag. 2006 16:14:55] Summarizing HTML To actually display an HTML element's tag in a browser, you need to use special characters; otherwise, the browser would interpret the tag you want to display as the tag itself.

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