Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease by K. Pesek

By K. Pesek

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Although age is an important factor, the probability of developing coronary heart disease varies according to the presence of the additional risk factors. The best estimate of the individual’s risk is therefore provided by consideration of age in relation to other risk factors present. The observation that significant atherosclerotic changes in the coronary vessels can start very early in life emphasizes the need for prevention at an early stage. 2 Genetic factors Genetic information can be divided into categories: data from family history, data on genotypes and phenotypes.

9. Józef Pawiński (1851-1925) Nevertheless, a large-scale employment of nitrates commenced after a British pharmacologist William Murrel (1853-1912) published in 1878/1879 a paper on his experience in using glyceryl trinitrate. Almost immediately after Murrel's report appeared in print, nitroglycerine was introduced in Krakow by E. Korczyński. As soon as only two years later, in 1881, he published his clinical observations of the use of the pharmaceutical. Based on experiments performed jointly with Michał Janocha, Korczyński introduced nitroglycerine to everyday clinical practice, on a large scale at that.

Indeed, seen from the perspective of the last century, in the history of cardiology, the papers by Herrick should be considered crucial. The possibility of intravital diagnosing myocardial infarction has provided medicine with a chance to modify the available therapy, change general management principles, and finally allowed for determining the prognosis and decrease mortality rates (Herrick, 1912, Acierno & Worrel, 2000). Subsequent pioneering observations on electrocardiographic diagnosis of myocardial infarction were made by Harold Ensign Bennet Pardee (1886-1973) of New York.

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