Asthma by Frank Coke (Auth.)

By Frank Coke (Auth.)

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Coughing may lead to wheezing or even, in the aspirin-sensitive asthmatic, to a full paroxysm, while a laughing fit may precipitate an attack. I think we have an indication of this contraction in the wheeze that many cigarette-smokers can produce on deep expiration. Asthma, then, becomes the exaggeration of a normal action of the bronchial muscle, continued as a spasm through the whole of expiration, and often remaining during inspiration as well. Some pseudo-voluntary power over this muscle may exist, just as there is similar control over a great many other muscles in the body whose natural movements are reflex and automatic.

His leucocyte count and bloodpressure were taken every few minutes. After two hours both 24 ASTHMA fell—the leucocytes from 12,000 to 6000. They then returned rapidly to the normal. During this time he felt no difference to himself. At the end of three and a half hours, when the crisis was completely over, he developed a very bad attack of asthma. The second patient had migraine, especially after taking chocolate, but only at times. He had chocolate every morning in large quantities, followed each time by a normal digestive leucocytosis, until there came a morning when the blood-pressure and leucocyte count both dropped.

They are so close together that even less space than their own width separates them. The venules do not return by exactly the same route, but collect together first, before joining the bronchi in their return to the hilum of either lung on their way to the left 30 ASTHMA auricle. The bronchial arteries are branches of the aorta. They supply nutrition to the various coats of t h e bronchi and the bronchial glands. This blood returns b y the azygos veins to the right auricle. There is said to be some anastomosis between the bronchial and the pulmonary veins.

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