Aromatic and Heteroatomic Chemistry Volume 7

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Recent Developments in Carbocation and Onium Ion Chemistry (Acs Symposium Series 965)

The amount is a suite of twenty-two chapters written by way of prime specialists and lively researchers within the box concentrating on numerous features of carbocation and onium ion chemistry. those contain strong ion NMR reports, solvolytic and kinetic experiences, computational paintings, and synthetic/preparative points.

The Adrenocortical Hormones: Their Origin · Chemistry Physiology and Pharmacology

2 Vol. three: Hormones, Psychology and behaviour (1952). a number pursuits used to be lined in appreciate to the impression of glucocorticoids on behavioral responses, in addition to to the glucocorticoid prestige in quite a few behavioral states and issues. Vol. four: Anterior Pituitary Secretion and Hormonal effect in Water Metab­ olism (1952).

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1978,88, 22 514). A. V. Anisimov, V. F. Ionova, andE. A. Viktorova, Zhur. org. , 1977, 13, 2624. '21 The (242) (243) W. E. Truce, B. VanGemert, and W. W. Brand, J. Org. , 1978,43,101. W . MacDowell and F. L. Ballas, J. Org. Chem. 1977,42,3717. lZ3 lZs M. Novi, F. Sancassan, G. Guanti. C. Dell'Erba, and G. Leandri, Chimica e Industria, 1977,59,299. H. Herrmann, and G. A. Hoyer, Chem. , 1978,111,770. K. Kobayashi and K. Mutai, Chem. Letters, 1977,1149. l~~ Unlike open-chain a@-unsaturatedsulphones, it does not form the corresponding epoxide when treated with hydroperoxide anion, but instead yields the ketone (254); 3-substituted benzothiophen dioxides (253; R = Me, Et, or Ph) give alcohols (255) in this r e a ~ t i 0 n .

Rodionova, and A. A. Petrov, Zhur. org. , 1977, 13, 1564. V. G . Lendel, Yu. V. Migalina, S. V. Galla, A. S. KoLmin, and N. S. Zefirov, Khim. geterotsikl. Soedinenii, 1977, 1340. G . Marechal, L. Christiaens, M. Renson, P. Jacquignon, and A. Croisy, Bull. chim. France, 1977, 157. T. Frejd, Chemica Scripta, 1976, 10, 133. Tran Quang Minh, L. Christiaens, P. Grandclaudon, and A. Lablache-Combier, Tetrahedron, 1977, 33. 2225. r. r. -Formation. ) has been prepared by the action of o, TosylCHMeNC H (279) (280) Mfl Me CN N H (281) H (282) malononitrile on the acetamido-ketones AcNHCHRCOMe.

Trofimov, A. I. Mikhaleva, A. N. Vasilev, and M. V. Sigalov, Khim. geterotsikl. Soedinenii, 1978, 54. ”’ Acetylacetone reacts with 2phenylazirine (287) in the presence of bis-(2,4-pentanedionato)-nickelto give the pyrrole ketone (288) quantitatively. 162 Reactions. l~~ The action of ally1 bromide on I H d & H CF, (295) *” B. A. Trofimov, A. I. Mikhaleva, R. N. Nesterenko, A. N. Vasilev, A. S. Nakhmanovich, and M. G. lS8 159 160 16’ 162 Voronkov, Khim. geterotsikl. Soedinenii, 1977, 1136. H. Hemetsberger, I.

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