Air Pollution Damage to Vegetation by John A. Naegelle

By John A. Naegelle

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MUTANTS AFFECTING MONOLIGNOL BIOSYNTHESIS Lignin Biosynthesis and Deposition Although the phenylpropanoid pathway produces many compounds of interest, a major goal of research on the pathway has been to improve our understanding of lignin biosynthesis. 36 Furthermore, the quantity and quality of lignin in forage species has been found to impact negatively their digestibility in ruminant animals,37"39 thus, the application of similar strategies to crops used as animal feedstocks would be expected to lead to comparable gains.

The enzymology of this sulfur oxidation is currently unknown, and the process could even occur spontaneously in an appropriate redox environment. In the seeds of the Columbia accession, there is a high proportion of methylthioalkyl glucosinolates with respect to methylsulfinylalkyl glucosinolates,43'44 in contrast to the situation in the vegetative parts. This suggests that of the glucosinolates imported into the seeds from the rest of the plant,44 the methylsulfmylalkylglucosinolates would need to be reduced in situ.

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