Advances in bacterial pathogen biology by Robert K. Poole

By Robert K. Poole

This quantity is an up to date assessment of the body structure of chosen pathogenic micro organism. every one bankruptcy is written by way of specialists within the box of that organism.The concentration is on biochemistry and body structure yet themes of scientific relevance are included.

Key features:

  • Contributions from best specialists
  • Informs and updates on the entire most modern advancements within the box

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Denitrification appears to be a widespread mechanism for the anaerobic adaptation of human pathogens. While H. pylori lacks the capacity for denitrification, the periplasm of the related ε-proteobacterium C. , 2002). S. , 2008). Looking beyond the respiratory chain, it is also important to note that nitric oxide enhances the oxidative stress response and antibiotic resistance of both S. , 2008); this depends on NO derived from the bacterial nitric oxide synthase (bNOS) reactivating catalase and suppressing the Fenton reaction (Gusarov & Nudler, 2005).

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